When you are selling a home, talk is cheap, especially when you hear someone talk about their “Exclusive or Extensive Marketing Plan”. Typically, it is exactly the same from company to company.
ALL companies and agents do the following.
  • Enter in the multiple listing service
  • It’s then syndicated or ‘shared’ with all real estate websites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and accessible on each individual agent’s websites.
  • Put up a sign
  • Hold an open house
  • Sit back and wait………………
How are we different? First off………….

We Are Marketers.

Many agents are the best in the industry at marketing themselves. We are the best at marketing your home!

Agents may show you presentations that show how great they are and how they sell so many homes a year, etc.

But we know its more important to tell you how we tell buyers how great your home is. It’s more important for you to know that we get more for your home than the other guys.

Selling a lot of houses does not equate to selling them for the highest price possible.

When we meet with you, we don’t spend your valuable time bragging. Our past clients can tell you how good we are. And they are happy to share their experiences with you.

When we meet, we want to walk through your home so we fully understand it. For us to properly market and sell it, we will be asking you questions about your home and it’s features. We also will ask you about any condition issues, etc, as we need to know everything there is to know about your home in order to be able to get it sold and get it sold for the highest price possible. We’ll make suggestions on how to prepare it for sale and any changes that could help get the biggest return.

We can show how we do it, why we do it and most importantly, the results.

One of a kind Marketing Plans

We use unique marketing plans custom designed for your home. We work to attract the right buyers. at are designed to attract the right buyer. Who are the ‘right’ buyers? It’s those buyers who seem to have been ‘built’ for your home and will be the most motivated to pay more than any other buyer for it. We look for the perfect fit. Because we know your home will be worth more to them than someone who isn’t that excited about it.

Single families are different from condos. Downtown living is different from quieter neighborhoods.
If your home is a short walk to public transportation, then the buyers for your home will be different from someone who wants a large yard and likes their privacy. They most likely will be coming from a different town or city. Historically, the majority of buyers don’t live in the same city they buy a home in. We know where those buyers are and we market your home to them directly.

Just a few of the marketing plans and tools we use include:
  • Social media including Youtube.
  • Single property websites
  • Professional Photography
  • interactive floor plans including furniture scenarios
  • Facebook ads directed at specific demographics
  • Geographic targeted direct mail
  • Targeting of first time buyers/renters
  • Catered broker tours to introduce your home to other agents
  • Full Color Brochure/Information Packets for Open Houses

So, if you are interviewing agents, be sure to ask them what they do beyond what every other agent does to get their listings sold.
And if you mention any of these tools, chances are, they will spend a great deal of time telling you why they won’t work, or why they are not important. Ask yourself if you are talking to the right agent. Then call us!

No song and dance, just results…..

Call us at 781-894-1882 and hit #1 and you will be connected to one of our agents.